Co-Ed Tennis Camp

Co-Ed Tennis Camp


Incoming grade levels:
3rd–5th: June 24–28
3rd–5th: July 22-26
6th–8th: June 24–28
6th–8th: July 22–26
9th–12th: June 24–28

Grade Level:
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Tennis camps are geared toward the ability and skill level of the participants. Activities will include instruction, drill and fun games. All campers should bring their own racquet and a water bottle. 

Camp options and times:

  • 3rd–5th grade: June 24–28 from 10:30–12:00pm

  • 3rd–5th grade: July 22–26 from 10:30–12:00pm

  • 6th–8th grade: June 24–28 from 8:30–10:00am

  • 6th–8th grade: July 22–26 from 8:30–10:00am

  • 9th–12th grade: June 24–28 from 8:30–10:30am

Camps are led by Timothy’s boys and girls varsity tennis coach Keith Mills and take place on the tennis courts. Questions about these camps? Email Keith Mills